It promises to get you in the best shape of your life if you could just commit to doing it 25 minutes a day but could it be the right workout regimen for you? You’ll find the answer here including facts both good and bad, plus real user reviews to help you determine whether or not Focus T25 is worth a try.

What Is Focus T25?

Designed to deliver an hour’s results in just 25 minutes a day, it is a short workout program that is becoming increasingly popular for changing many people’s lives. The program is marketed by Beachbody and created by Shaun T, creator of another very successful Beachbody workout program, the Insanity.

While it is general belief that longer workouts provide better results, major studies have proven that shorter workouts are more effective than long ones. A 30-minute regimen can be just as effective at scorching fats and even more efficient than 60 minutes of excessive sweating. So Shaun T spent over a year in developing a new program, created hundreds of new moves, and experimented sequences and trial and error to perfect the ultimate time-saving workout.

How Does It Work?

The secret behind this system is the Focus Interval Training (FIT). You will be working out one muscle group at a time, work it to exhaustion and when you can barely do one more rep, you move on to another muscle group, and then to the next. It involves pure intensity workout with no rest for 25 minutes targeting your glutes to shoulders, your abs to quads, and biceps to obliques.

The workout is divided into two phases, the Alpha Cycle and the Beta Cycle.

Alpha Cycle. This phase is the foundation stage which lasts for 5 weeks. It focuses on workouts such as cardio, speed 1.0, total body circuit, ab intervals, stretch, and lower focus. These workouts also include modifiers so that anyone can get it done regardless of fitness level.

Beta Cycle. For the next 5 weeks of the program, you will do core cardio, dynamic core, rip’t circuit, upper focus, speed 2.0, and stretch.

Who Can Do It?

While anyone can do it, the intensity of the workout is very high and may not be ideal for beginners or those who have not been involved in any exercise program before. Although it provides modifiers so anyone can easily catch up, if you are a beginner or have physical limitations,  have an injury, or have just recently recovered from an injury, it is best to consult your physician or healthcare provider for advice.  This regimen is also an excellent system for those who want to get or stay fit but simply do not have the time to workout.


  • Time- efficient. It is easier to commit to a 25-minute workout than the usual rigorous 60-minute routines. You get even better results in less than half an hour with this program. You can get the body you have always wanted in just 10 weeks.
  • Total body transformation. It is more than a cardio workout. The exercises focus on working out all your muscle groups resulting to toned arms, abs, thighs, butt, and overall fitness.
  • Modifer. Helps you get the moves done properly with the availability of modifiers, so it is great for all fitness levels.


  • Intensity. It is very intense and for the whole 25 minutes, you will be rigorously sweating out without rest. It is best to consult your doctor before you try this program or any other fitness systems to ensure you are getting the full benefits of your workout and to avoid injury.

Real User Reviews

Like Shaun T’s Insanity, this workout is also enjoying tons of favorable feedback. Below are just a few excerpts taken from other Focus T25 reviews. These comments essentially describe the majority’s opinion on the workout program.

Better than Insanity?

Does It Really Work?

Considering the reviews we found across the web, it is clear that individuals are very pleased and satisfied with this program’s results. Many agree that in so little a time, the workout has transformed their bodies and has delivered the benefits as promised. Reviews reveal that time no longer is an excuse as you only focus on working out less than half an hour a day and you will see the full results in 10 weeks.

The Best Place To Buy

Nowhere else can you get the best deal on this workout program but from its official website where you can get the whole kit in three monthly payments if you prefer not to select the single payment option.

The kit includes 9 workout DVDs, quick start guide, nutrition plan, workout calendars, and 4 bonus gifts such as the stretch workout DVD, B-lines resistance band, 5-Day fast track guide and 24/7 online support.

If you do not find the program satisfactory, you can keep the cardio workout, Alpha, Total Body Circuit Workout, the resistance band, and return everything else within 30 days for a full refund. That means you get $80 value free by simply trying it out. For a limited time, you can also take advantage of the free upgrade to express delivery, a $15.00 value, and you can get hold of your order in just 3 to 5 business days.

Click Here to Try Focus T25 and Take Advantage of the Limited Time Offer from the Safe and Official Website


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